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NET Population Statistics
The American population is growing by one person every 15 seconds, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As the population continues to grow, and our infrastructure continues to age without repair or replacement, our living conditions gradually deteriorate. One of the most common places we see this effect is in our schools, where administration, faculty and most importantly, students, struggle to reach their potential because schools are increasingly overcrowded.

Seeking Permanent Solutions
Overcrowded schools have very real effects on the safety of students as well as their academic progress. Overcrowding has led to drastic changes in how students are taught, including transferring them to portable classrooms among other crowd-clearing strategies. Many of these strategies are short-term fixes that only mask the problem without correcting it. But some administrators are recognizing the need to establish more permanent solutions, which is why steel is becoming the best option for solving the overcrowding problem. Here are some things to consider.